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We specialise in designing and manufacturing beautiful accessories with a commitment to all products being made using recycled materials by 2024.

We work with our conscientious designers and GRS* certified fabric suppliers to create affordable, recycled products that are long-lasting with a unique attention to detail.

We are actively sourcing recycled materials to protect people and the planet while seeking new fabrics to reduce our impact in the future. Honesty and transparency is at the heart of everything we do.

We strive to offer our recycled accessories at comparative prices to similar non-recycled products. We are not charging the consumer more for doing the right thing to help our planet


Our product development process had been reliant on sourcing materials from the supplier’s local markets which is lacking in the supply of recycled fabrics.

We have taken a different approach by working directly with GRS* fabric mills. We have sourced and developed beautiful fabrics to be ‘best in the market’ for fashion accessories which have a lower environmental impact.

Our largest factories, supplying the majority of our products, are going through the rigorous audit process for GRS* & RCS* jewellery certification.

We are committed to ‘loving every piece’ designing good quality product that can be cherished and passed on.

Our Goals


100% recycled glitter
100% recycled sequins
Grosgrain ribbon made from re-purposed plastic bottles
100 % recycled fake fur
100% recycled polyester for print
All of our plastic is made from recycled ABS* at all times.
We work with textiles that are certified by Oeko-Tex, Global Organic Textile Standard and the Global Recycled Standard.


All of our card, paper and tissue is
recycled FSC* certified, and we have removed virgin plastic from
our supply chain. We aim to use as little packaging as possible.

Our People

We are members of the Ethical Trade Initiative and are committed to following the agreed
ways of working in the Member Charter. Our code of conduct includes policies that support
anti-corruption, human rights, equal opportunities, diversity and health & safety. We audit the factories we work with regularly and engage with NGO’s* to improve the working
standards within our business.


Sustainable- Made from 25% or more recycled materials
GRS- Global Recycled Standard
RCS- Recycled Claim Standard
NGO’S- Non-Governmental Organisations
ABS- Hard Plastic
FSC- Forest Stewardship Council